Ale Fleur One

About the beer

Ale Fleur One is an American IPA craft classified as a single-malt and single-hop ale. The specific hop for Ale Fleur One is a citra-style hop which provides a unique and refreshing citrus flavor.  Ale Fleur One is available in STLFC and KSB co-branded cans and barrel draft with 4.7% alcohol-by-volume (ABV).

The flavor profile is as follows:

aroma Aroma: Light, fruity, hoppy
  Malt: Medium, full-bodied roast
  Hops: Medium, cutr-hopped
  Balance: Malt, slightly acidic
  Body: Medium light

About the Partnership

You probably know Kirkwood Station Brewing as your one stop for beer, music, food, and friends. When Saint Louis FC approached us about working together on a craft beer that would be a single stop for St. Louigans, craft beer, soccer fans, and philanthropy; we, of course, couldn’t resist.

It’s been an honor to lend craft beer expertise to creating a beverage experience custom-made for St. Louis Soccer fans. Whether you’re drinking one or … several, the taste and brand are intended to compliment your experience rooting for the green and blue.

About Saint Louis Football Club

Saint Louis FC is a St. Louis staple and American professional soccer team. The team was founded in May 2014, and competes in the United Soccer League. All home games take place at Toyota Stadium at the historic World Wide Technology Soccer Park. Regularly referred to as STLFC, Saint Louis FC fans are the St. Louigans and are well renowned for their game day antics.

About Mission: St. Louis

A portion from the proceeds of Ale Fleur One sales directly benefits Mission: St. Louis and their efforts to empower people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods. For more information, please visit

Mission: St. Louis


About The Experience

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